Monday, March 24, 2014


KingCo 4A Crown - Pre-Season Coaches Poll
Coaches were asked to rank their division in order of projected finish, excluding their own teams. 4 points were awarded for 1st, 3 for second and so on down to 1 point for last place
1) Redmond - 15 pt (3 first place votes)
2) Eastlake - 14 pts (2 first place votes)
3) Bothell - 8 pts
4) Woodinville - 7 pts
5) Inglemoor - 6 pts

TeamCapsules (listed alphabetically)

Bothell Cougars
Head Coach:    Paul Moody                
Years @ School:  16 yrs @ BHS (31 years in Kingco)
Career Record (if known):  375 - 287

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 13-11                       
KingCo Record: 7-7    
Post-season Results:  2-1 in the Kingco Tourney, finishing 2nd in the League, lost in State Opener to Kentwood

Returning Starters/ Returners: Cam Gale* (Sr. - C), Colby Nealy* (Sr. - P), Peyton Cordova-Smith* (Jr. - 2B), Cam Costa* (Sr. – SS), Sam McPherson* (Jr. – OF), Daniel Fredrickson* (Sr. – OF), Shawn Munro (Jr. - 3B), Troy Martins (Sr. - OF/P)

Top Newcomers: Conner Walker (Jr. – C), Blair Carlin (Sr. - 1B), Tyler Wharf (Jr. - 1B), Connor Anderson (Jr. – P), Austin Amundson (Sr. – INF), Brandon Lane (Jr. – P), Hayden Cox (Sr. – P), Ryan Monson (Jr. – P), Quinn Gleed (Soph. - P/OF), Andrew Staten (Soph – OF)

Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Moody:
After a solid season in 2013, finishing 2nd in the Kingco, the Cougars would love to make it back to the State Tourney.  The Cougars have several returning starters with lots of game experience.  Pitching depth will be the focus of the Cougars as the season progresses.  As always, the Bothell Cougars will be competitive in the tough Kingco 4A conference.

Eastlake Wolves
Head Coach:    Kevin Agnew              
Years @ School:  4
Career Record (if known): 26-36 (At Eastlake)

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 12-10                       
KingCo Record: 8-6    
Post-season Results: 1 Win Two Losses in Kingco Tournament 

Returning Starters*/ Returners: *Mick Vorhof (Sr. - P/SS), *Mason Pierzchalski (SR - 1B/P), *Mitch Augenstein, (SR - 3B), *Kirk Boe (SR - 2B), *Carson Iraola (SR – OF), *Connor Graham (SR – P), Max Escarda (SR - P/1B)

Top Newcomers: Jackson Dahl (JR – UT), Elliot Carney (SO – P), Mark Whitley (SO - IF/P), Nate Mano (SO - OF/C), Shaan Kothari (SO – IF) Ryan Isler (SO – C), Joseph Dyer (JR – C), Beau Krueger (JR – OF), Andy Varness (SR – P), Lucas Thrun (SR - UT)

Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Agnew:
We have a solid group of seniors returning, led by Mick Vorhof (1st Team Utility) and Mason Pierzchalski (2nd Team 1B). Our newcomers are coming along nicely and if we can stay healthy and eligible we should be able to put together a strong season.

Inglemoor Vikings 
Head Coach:    Bryan McNaghten                  
Years @ School:  7
Career Record (if known):

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 6-13 
KingCo Record: 5-10 
Post-season Results:  N/A 

Returning Starters*/ Returners: Bailey Fee* (Sr – SS), Curtis  Bafus* (Sr - P / 1B), Colin Portugal* (Sr – P)                       

Top Newcomers:  Grant Harris (So - OF / P), Brian Cullinan (Sr – P), Adam Berreda (Sr-1B)          

Season Outlook From the Desk of Coach McNaghten:
Inglemoor should enjoy a solid senior-led pitching staff in 2014 with Bafus, Portugal & Cullinan in the rotation.  Overall team speed is good and the Vikings could be a sleeper to challenge again in 2014


Redmond Mustangs        
Head Coach: Dan Pudwill                
Years @ School:  10
Career Record (if known): 146-66

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 7-14             
KingCo Record: 6-8    
Post-season Results:  0-2

Returning starters/ Returners: *Bryce Steckler (SR – 3B),*Brandon Burditt (SR – OF), Jon Ireland (SR – OF),Edwin Stanberry (SR – C/2B), *Lucas Eliason (SR – C/P), *Jacob Brady (SR – OF/P), *Milo Mincin  (JR – SS), Jack Baugher (SR – P), *Kyle Francis (SR – OF/P), Chandler Homer (SR – P), Justin Moon (SR – 3B), *Daniel Bies (SR – 1B/P)

Top newcomers:
Brendan Ecklebarger (SO – P/1B)

Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Pudwill:
With returning experience all around the diamond, the Mustangs are looking to bounce back from last year’s performance. The majority of the pitching staff has varsity experience which should help support a lineup that struggled to score runs last year. Much will ride on how much the Redmond hitters have improved.


Woodinville Falcons
Head Coach: Alan Dillman                             
Years @ School: 1
Career Record (if known):

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 16-8             
KingCo Record: 8-6    
Post-season Results:  Kingco Champions. Lost second game of regional.

Returning Starters*/ Returners: Lee Wunderlich* (SR – C), Davis Baillie*(JR – 1B), Trevor Cook* (SR – SS), Derek Svanevik* (SR – OF), Drew Accimus* (SR – OF)

Top Newcomers: Liam Herlihy (JR – 3B), Matt Quarre (JR – 2B), Brent Donlan (JR – OF), Alex Worthington (JR -  P), Connor White (JR – P), Alex Rees (SR – P), Will Jack (SR - )P

Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Dillman: We lost our top 3 pitchers to graduation so we will be inexperienced on the mound.  We bring back  5 position players with varsity experience that we are counting on to bring the leadership needed to compete in Kingco.


KingCo 4A Crest - Pre-Season Coaches Poll

Coaches were asked to rank their division in order of projected finish, excluding their own teams. 5 points were awarded for 1st, 4 for second and so on down to 1 point for last place.

1) Issaquah - 20 pt (4 first place votes)
2) Skyline - 17 pts (1 first place vote)
3) Newport - 12 pts
4) Roosevelt - 11 pts
5) Ballard - 7 pts
6) Garfield - 6 pts


Ballard Beavers      
Head Coach:    Doug Montgomery
Years @ School:  3rd (2nd as Head Coach)
Career Record:
2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 16-7
KingCo Record: 11-4
Post-season Results: 1-2
Returning Starters*/Returners: *Ian Scott (SR - P/CF), *Alex Livengood (JR - P/3B), *Jacob Westerman (JR - SS), Davis Lohman (SR - OF)
Top Newcomers: Taylor Hanson (SOPH - OF), Jack Lund (SOPH - 1B), Zach Ehrlich (JR - P/2B), Chase Jacobsen (JR - C), Brian Kreshel (JR - 1B/DH)
Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Montgomery:
Ballard graduated 17 seniors from a squad that went 16-7 in 2013, so inexperience will be a challenge. But, it's a talented and hungry group, led by a couple of All-KingCo caliber returners, who expect to make the KingCo playoffs where anything can happen.
Garfield Bulldogs                           
Head Coach:    Chris Moedritzer                     
Years @ School:  4th year as head coach (+ 3 years as assistant coach)
Career Record (if known): 20-40 overall (13-32 conference) + 0-2 postseason
2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 6-14             
KingCo Record: 5-10, 4th place in Crown division     
Post-season Results: 0-2
Returning Starters*/ Returners: Duncan Skerrett* (Sr - LF/P), Derek Billey* (Sr – CF), Justin Arkills-McLain* (Sr - RF/P), Alex Chase* (Sr - C/DH), Owen Vickrey* (Sr – P), Ben Koerner* (Sr – C), Henry Freed* (Jr - 1B/3B/P),
Eli Wilson* (Soph - SS/2B)
Top Newcomers: Jonathan Yang (Sr – INF), Tyler Nguyen (Sr – C), David Irvine, (Sr - 1B/2B), Aidan Nuttall (Jr – UTIL), Toby Perkins (Jr - P/1B), Patrick Lin (Jr – OF)
Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Moedritzer:
Garfield returns a strong senior class after making the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years. The infield will have some new faces in the mix, but the outfield and catchers will look familiar. The defense and hitting have looked strong this spring, with the pitching just starting to come around. The Bulldogs will be competitive from the start to finish and should figure in the Kingco playoff picture.
Issaquah Eagles                 
Head Coach:    Rob Reese                 
Years @ School:  21st season
Career Record (if known): 335-137
2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record:           14-10 
KingCo Record:           9-6
Post-season Results:  Finished 3rd in KingCo playoffs. Lost in pigtail game vs Cascade
Returning Starters*/ Returners: *Derek Chapman (SR –OF), * Keegan Chaplin (SR – SS), *Mitchell Morimoto (SR – OF), *Nik Sutherland (SR - 3B/P), Ty Gibson (JR - P/3B/1B), *Jack Gellatly (SR –OF), *Ryan Peart (Sr -  LHP/1B),  Alec Shimizu (SR - P/OF)
Top Newcomers: Matt Sarkozy (JR - 1B), Erik Erickson (SR - 2B), Luke Watanabe (JR – OF), Tyler Huling (JR – P), Jack Dellinger (SOPH – P), Andy Co (JR - 2B), Alex Zeutenhorst (JR –INF), Gunnar Erickson (SOPH - P/OF), David Van Halm (SR - P/1B/3B), Jacob McBride (SR – OF), Ian Miller (JR – C), Robert Ball (SR – C)
Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Reese:
We have a lot of pitching depth, returning 2 of the top 3 starters from last year including Ryan Peart and Ty Gibson. Starting outfield also returns with 2 of the outfielders. Have 8 returners back. Have a good mix of returners and solid newcomers. Pitching and defense should be solid. Top 3 hitters also return. Should be a solid club if we can get some offense from the bottom of the order.
Newport Knights                 
Head Coach: Brad Files                                 
Years @ School:  18, 1st as head coach
Career Record (if known): 1-1
2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 8-12             
KingCo Record: 4-11 
Post-season Results:  missed post-season play for first time since 1992
Returning Starters*/ Returners:
* Nolan Anderson, (SR – 1B), * Sumair Shah, (SR - 3B/P), * Brian Setijono (SR – OF), * Todd Reese (JR – 3B/P), *Ethan Paul (JR – SS), * Ryan Kingma (JR – LHP), Phil Ito (SR – 2B/P), Jake Clifford (SR – OF), Logan Kyte (SR – C)
Top Newcomers: Paul Wells (JR – CF), AJ Block (SOPH – LHP/1B), Nick Rudholm (SOPH – IF/P), Vinny GuinassoJr – C), Jace Goforth (JR – OF), Aaron Faulkner (JR – OF)
Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Files:
We’ll field a fairly young squad with only six seniors, but lots of experience with underclassmen who played last season.  All three starters on the mound (Reese, Kingma and Block) are underclassmen with solid futures ahead of them.  Defense up the middle and overall team speed are the strengths so far.
Roosevelt Roughriders

Head Coach:    Shea Tonkin
Years @ School:  2
Career Record: 9-11

2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 9-11
KingCo Record: 6-10
Post-season Results: N/A

No Report Filed


Skyline Spartans                
Head Coach: Chris Tamminen                                   
Years @ School: 11
Career Record (if known): N/A
2013 Team Summary:
Overall Record: 17-7             
KingCo Record: 13-2 
Post-season Results: 2-2
Returning Starters*/ Returners: Jason Santiago* (SR - 3B), Cole Blackburn* (SR – OF), Drew Lunde* (SR - P/1B), Jake Kargl* (SR – OF), Diego Graterol (2B)
Top Newcomers:
Danny Sinatro (SOPH – SS), Brad Hoss (SR – OF), Ryan Cornwall (JR – C), Scott Cohen (SR – C), Alex Wu (SR - P/1B), Sam Lawrence (JR – P)
Season Outlook from the Desk of Coach Tamminen:
Skyline is going to be very young on the mound with kids not having much varsity experience. Offense and defense will hopefully keep us in games. It is going to be vital for Skyline to improve week by week.